Studio Policies

Be sure to read through our Studio Policies. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have at any time.

Studio Policies as of August 2022


The cost of a half-hour piano lesson is $27
15-minute lessons are $16
45-minute lessons are $38
hour lessons are $48

(Beginners usually have a 30 minute, weekly lesson; students interested in theory, composing, or Guild participation may want a longer lesson; students level 3 and above should have a longer lesson.)  In most cases, family members with back-to-back lessons are eligible for a sibling discount of $2.   Lessons during the hours of 8:30-2:30pm (until Monday at 1:30) are billed at $23 per half hour (per lesson discount), with no sibling discount allowed.  You can pay by VENMO (highly recommended), check (made out to Julie Wallace), cash, or pay directly through your checking account. You can choose to pay weekly, monthly, or by the semester (at a 5% discount).


You are expected to come to your lesson, or at least pay for your lesson, each week it is scheduled. If you know you will be gone on a given lesson day a few weeks in advance, I will try to find a makeup lesson time or I will refund the lesson fee for up to one week per semester. If you give me at least 24 hours notice, I will TRY to provide a makeup lesson in an empty slot during the week, but no refunds are given.   I will also give a refund if I miss a lesson.  I follow the public school calendar, so I don’t usually teach on any non-student day except in the summer (see #5 below) 


I charge a “materials fee” of $15 per semester, which includes photocopies, awards and trophies, binders and other supplies which I give to your child, costs associated with the cost of my maintaining a large lending library of music, and recital costs.   You are still responsible for lesson books and, rarely, some other musical items.  As a service to my students’ parents, I have always done my best to order these books at a discount online in bulk, so I typically charge you the face value of the book with no tax or shipping added.  I also occasionally sell used books at a large discount.


If your child is interested in composing a song for Reflections (through the PTSA at all public schools), please let me know by the end of August.  In addition, upper school students may have the opportunity to participate in Solo & Ensemble contests in the Piano Solo division through their school.  If your child is already involved in chorus, orchestra, or band at school,  he or she will simply ask his music teacher for the forms associated, and I will be glad to assist with preparation.   There is also a Master Musicianship program through the county which offers summer camp scholarships and other benefits.    In the later spring, your student has the opportunity to participate in Guild Auditions in front of a judge.  All these opportunities look great on applications for Honor Societies, scholarships, and colleges.  Extra fees may apply through each organization.


All students are required to take at least 4 lessons during the summer.


Typically, I hold recitals in December and May of each school year.  These are optional but encouraged.   Occasionally, I hold “piano parties” so students will have an extra performance opportunity.  These parties give the students a chance to perform for each other in a casual atmosphere, and then socialize over sundaes.